Rows and Columns

Responsive WordPress pages and posts based on Bootstrap grid using row and column principles.

How Rows and Columns Work

WPBakery Page Builder operates with rows and columns to build layouts according to Bootstrap principles. This is very basics of WPBakery Page Builder and you will start each of your layout by creating rows and columns where you can place other content elements. Bootstrap allows placing up to 12 columns within a single line, nevertheless it is possible to add more column which will be stacked within row.

All rows and column layouts created with WPBakery Page Builder are fully responsive, but it is possible to disable responsiveness or control parameters of columns for different types of devices.

In example below you can see 3 columns within a row which are set equal height and applied Design Options. Rows and Columns include multiple configuration options to style your overall layout and add such options like parallax or video backgrounds to your columns. And you can even stretch rows and columns to be full width or full height.

Equal Column Options

Equal Height columns allows creating rows with columns positioned in equal height. With equal height columns you can build blocks that will not be affected by amount of content and align to the biggest column.

Gaps Between Columns

You can control gaps between your columns within certain row. By default WPBakery Page Builder has gap size set to 0, but it can be easy changed under row parameter window at any time.

Intuitive Design Options

Design Options is group of configurations available to all WPBakery Page Builder content elements allowing you to set margins, paddings, borders, background and other standard properties fast and easy.

Full Width Section Rows

This example demonstrates simple full width row with parallax effect attached to it. There is no coding skills required to create such layout. In fact it takes only few clicks to change parameters of row to create a beautiful ‘hero’ style sections.

Multiple Background Options

Use background options of rows and columns to combine different style of background – images and colors. Define their properties like position and add parallax effects. Combine different types of background to create advanced parallax effects or even add video background.

Margins, Paddings and Borders

Margins, Paddings and Borders are essentials of HTML, but within WPBakery Page Builder you don’t have to deal with them in the code format. We are offering handy onion style menu to quickly adjust those settings. Increase or reduce space between sections or elements, apply borders with radius option and more.

Column and Content Positions

Web design is self-rigorous process and there are different positions and locations you want your content appear within the section. WPBakery Page Builder allows positioning of columns and content so you can build any page layout.

Layout Options

Thanks for intuitive interface it is possible to quickly change row layout in terms of number of columns available. And the best part that you won’t loose your content as it will be automatically transferred from one column to another.

Want Some More?

Why don’t you test it yourself? You are only one click away from your personal demo which allow you to access of the elements and see how easy it is to work with WPBakery Page Builder Page Builder for WordPress.