Equal Column Options

Equal Height columns allows creating rows with columns positioned in equal height. With equal height columns you can build blocks that will not be affected by amount of content and align to the biggest column.

Gaps Between Columns

You can control gaps between your columns within certain row. By default WPBakery Page Builder has gap size set to 0, but it can be easy changed under row parameter window at any time.

Intuitive Design Options

Design Options is group of configurations available to all WPBakery Page Builder content elements allowing you to set margins, paddings, borders, background and other standard properties fast and easy.

General Help

WPBakery Page Builder toggle element allows creating FAQ pages or sections in minutes by simply adding toggle element to your WordPress page layout and filling necessary fields.

How to create your WordPress page?

After trying WPBakery Page Builder plugin you will never go back to WordPress classic editor. With this small demo you can give it a try and see how easy to manage WordPress page content.

What is Toggle?

Toogle is collapsible element that can be added to your WordPress page by using WPBakery Page Builder page builder. It allows you to create easy to manage FAQ sections.

Want to try a demo?

This site is a demo itself – all you have to do is push button at the menu or bottom of the page to reveal your personal demo site with all this content already available. Build page from scratch or modify existing one.

Moreover you can work with templates as well.

No more coding?

Once you purchase WPBakery Page Builder you do not have to code any more or deal with shortcodes. Intuitive drag and drop interface allows you saving tons of time and money on content management.

Advanced Settings

This is a must have tool for everyone who is working with content management, design or simply web development. Moreover there are premium features available for WPBakery Page Builder customers.

Where to use this section?

This section is perfect for FAQ sections and other description style pages. And of course it can be modified to fit other purposes as well, like company history or product description.

Updates and other bonuses

With each direct purchase of WPBakery Page Builder you receive direct license key which allows setting auto-update option and access to official support.

We are releasing updates with new features often enough to keep up with the latest trends in web design industry.